Lions of the Pride Lands


The Tsavo Pride …

The Tsavo Pride, originally the Simo Bahari, was founded by the lion Mtukutu. In his years as King, many changes have taken place - the fall of the great Utatu kingdom, the revival of the Kopje Valley pride, the change of leadership in the Natamba and a new pride's establishment, the Mekauri.

The Lion King MUCK …

The Lion King MUCK was created in 1995, based on Disney's masterpiece of the same name. While the MUCK will be fourteen years old this year, the interest to roleplay African animals is still fresh and new. Feel free to visit their own Homepage and Wiki if you're interested.

The Tsavo Wiki …

The wiki is easily accessible; the top menu can navigate you to the main pages, which have links to other areas of the wiki, including character pages.

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